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We all experience conflicts every day. This is entirely normal because we’re human beings in relationships with other human beings. Often these disagreements are easy to manage and resolve in a healthy way. However, in some situations, we can’t manage without help. Whether you need to talk to a neighbour, a coworker or a family member, Médiation citoyenne des Basses-Laurentides is there to guide you. This free service offers an alternative, human and interpersonal approach that fosters dialogue among the people involved. Mediation offers the possibility of rebuilding, improving or maintaining communication between two or more parties experiencing a conflict situation.

The mediation process is facilitated by a mediator.It can be used for all types of conflicts except those related to family law (divorce, child custody).

Each mediation process is unique. However, it generally unfolds as follows:
Once the request is received, a mediator contacts you within a few days. This first contact helps determine whether the service meets your needs. If so, an appointment is made for the first meeting.

Next, a preparatory meeting is held with each person individually. The mediator once again ensures that your involvement in the process is voluntary. They explain how the mediation meeting will unfold. They then prepare you for the mediation meeting by helping you identify what you want to communicate to the other person, and by understanding your needs and motivations. The mediator will try to prepare you for the reactions the other party may display, as well as their comments and needs. They will ask you about your expectations for the outcome of the mediation.

Finally, accompanied by the mediator, the people involved meet at the mediation meeting. At this meeting, the people have a chance to express themselves, hear the other side’s point of view and move the discussion towards a search for solutions and understandings that are right for everyone.


*A face-to-face mediation meeting is not the only option. Other arrangements may be possible.


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